19 11 2009

For me, being a “Brand” is not only about appearances, but also about being able to stand for something other people want and need.

During the 1950’s, the “brand recognition-era” began, bringing companies like “Green Giant” to the forefront of American’s minds.

Today, people still go to the supermarket to purchase products that they feel “brand-loyalty” towards.  They do this not because those items are the best deal, but because the consumer has come to expect consistency and quality from that particular brand.

I like to consider myself being in this “consistent-quality” category.  I strive everyday not to sneak-by under the radar or provide half-rate work on account of  being a “good-deal.”  I not only deliver what people expect from me, but I also learn how to re-mold myself in order to be the best at whatever I am doing.





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