Target, Aim, Shoot

19 11 2009

My dream job has always been to work on big accounts, brainstorming ideas for campaigns at an advertising firm.

That’s what I love to do.

Bouncing ideas off other people is the best way to achieve greatness in the communications world. From my personal experiences building marketing, advertising and viral campaigns for “moc” clients in my college classes, I have realized that I am good at doing so.

Not only do I love brainstorming with other people about great ideas, I also love to interact with people in the world of sales.

Since I joined the sales force in August of 2005, I have realized that the same charisma and confidence you need to enter the board room is the same attitude that it takes to sell a pair of shoes, a t-shirt or even advertising space within a publication.

That attitude not only lets your client know that you are confident in your knowledge about a product, but it lets them know that you are on their side.

In the world of advertising and media sales, especially in the present economy, your client has to trust that you have their best intentions at heart.

These people, these companies and these clients are the one’s who need my help.  They need to feel that they are investing not only in a solid end-result, but also in a trustworthy and like-hearted relationship.

In the end, if you only have you or your company’s wants in mind, you are leaving your client’s wishes and their needs behind.




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