Real World vs. “The Real World”

20 12 2009

It has been only a little over a week since I took my second to last set of finals before I head out into the real world; crazy feeling!

Do you ever wish that life was just like that tv-show, The Real World?  Chalked  full of out-of-hand parties, excessive drama, friendship and hot tubs, and almost always having some form of steady income set up for you?

In a way, I am kind of of glad that life isn’t actually like The Real World, however, in some aspects, I think that college is very similar, and in a way, can be the perfect comparison and paradox to the television show.

The excitement that I am looking forward to in the next few months is sure to be overwhelming, and the chaos of mapping out the first steps of the “rest of my life” is sure to go as unexpected as possible at times, but much like The Real World, everything is going to be fine in the end.

Certain friends that you made will always keep in touch with you, and the attitudes and belief systems that you have created for yourself will stay in-tact for as long as you let them.

So many people told me that “the skills you learn in college, you will use for the rest of your life.” I never really thought about it, but in a way that is pretty true.  The relationships that you built, the hearts you broke and mistakes you made will always comes to mind in certain situations no matter where you live, what you are doing or who you are with.

I may not always use the skills I learned in my classes, and chances are, the information that I have picked-up will be obsolete within the next few years, however, I know some things I will always be able to count on to stay stagnant in our ever-changing wold.

In the end, I know that the most important things that I have learned were picked up outside of the classroom from teachers, friends, peers, strangers and even a couple of nice Jesuits with kind and honest words that can make the world seem as just as small as it is complicated.




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