The Hiatus is Over!

18 03 2011

After almost an entire year devoting my writing time to my “running” blog (, I realized what an amazing tool I was not utilizing: self-promotion.

Since somewhat ditching this blog, a lot has changed for me. I got my first post-college job working on the management team for a fast growing athletic company and even more recently, took a leap of faith, and a pay cut, for the hopes and dreams that I missed while I was away from the Gulf Coast.

Almost exactly one month ago, I packed up my little Mitsubishi sedan, packed it full of things that I thought that I would need and relocated back to Alabama. I hadn’t signed any sort of contract and my new job has me doing more driving than about anything else. In the end, it is what I wanted, and I am happy to be doing it! My new position, Account executive for a magazine in Fairhope, has forced me to start thinking of new ways to market the magazine and entice people to advertise. These steps that I have been devoting a few hours every day to are what really got my ideas running again in terms of self-promotion in regards to job-searching.

When you apply for jobs, you usually focus on sending your resume out to as many places as possible with the hopes that one day someone will like what they see and invite you to an interview. I call this the “Deep Sea Fishing” approach. You are putting a lot of bait out there, are not exactly searching for a specific job, but according to the law of chance, your results should prove successful.  In the end, there is no real “art” to the “Deep Sea Fishing” approach, but it will usually get you one or two nibbles.

The other option, what I like to refer to as the “Fly Fishing” approach, is much more skill oriented. It forces someone to take the time and really focus on what they are doing. It means having practice interviews, re-working your resume for each job application and truly whittling your search down to your one true goal: your dream job. The fly fishing approach does not always yield the most call backs, or even the quickest replies, but in my experience, the ones that take the bait are usually worth reeling in.

My hope is that over time, I am able to truly help bring people’s knowledge of the way that job hiring works (from a business standpoint) and force people, primarily college students and new graduates, to change the mentality that has been taught for so long in regards to job searching.

If you have any questions about my philosophies or would like to share your experiences, please comment or send me an email at




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