Creating Longevity in Your Career

18 02 2015

One of the most frustrating times in a recent college graduate’s life (or even someone forced to make a career change) is when they are tasked with finding the perfect entry level position for a career within their field. One of the more difficult things that people encounter then searching for their first “Big Time” job, is the harsh reality that the salary they were expecting to make right out of college is, in fact, not going to happen. Seriously, it won’t.

I remember applying to jobs when I was still a college senior, in my spring semester (weeks before graduating), and specifically NOT applying to entry level positions. It was like I had this feeling that since I had a college degree, that I was “better” than entry level.

There was a great article that came out a few years ago out “our” generation, Millennials, (if you are 20-30 right now) and the way we look at careers. (To paraphrase the article a bit): We saw our parents and grandparents enjoy great wealth throughout their careers, Read the rest of this entry »